Preston Road


Aria Cremation & Funeral Home @ Preston

Crystal Bovaird has been serving the North Texas area as a funeral director with ARIA Cremation Service since 2009.

She has been active in the funeral industry since she was a teenager. Originally from East Texas she has lived in Carthage, Jacksonville, Tyler and a short time in the panhandle area in Floyd County.
Crystal cherishes her career as a funeral professional and strives to continue
serving the community with dignity and honesty.

Being able to provide families with personal options and ideas for celebrating their loved one has been the
best part of her career. Allowing families to open their hearts and minds to new
ways to celebrate life and offering nontraditional as well as traditional avenues
to accomplish the families’ vision of an honorable and memorable celebration.
She is not like other funeral directors. Crystal tends to guide families to what
they really want instead of directing families to choose options that are cookie
cutter or typical. Her drive to touch as many lives in her time as funeral
professional is also evident. She truly enjoys her chosen path as a funeral
director and understands that is her ministry to the community and to every
individual she is able to meet. She is a wife and mother of five grown sons. Her
love and commitment to families experiencing a loss is very personal and special
to her. As she looks to her future in this industry, Crystal is honored to continue
serving this community and she is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of a
family serving others that possess the same qualities and passion of helping
those in need as she does.